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Website Development Services

eBusiness Professionals' webite development services are targeted at businesses and individuals that wish to extend their physical or brick-and-mortar presence to an online global audience. 

Our web development solutions are based on modern, visually appealing designs, with functionalities and features that guarantee added value to your business’s online presence. We see your website as an electronic representation of your organisation, and a window to local and global markets. As such, we understand the importance of building a world-class online presence that correctly represents your respective businesses before various global markets all-round the clock and all year long.

Our turnkey approach to website development ensure you're able to manage, maintain and take full ownership of your entire web property once the project comes to an end. Below are a few of the outcomes our customers have come to expect from our productions.

Mobile Responsive

Our website designs are based on a mobile-first and responsive design framework that ensure your website is visible, legible, functional and easy to navigate across all mobile and desktop devices.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our websites feature a content management system (CMS) with a famiiiar interface to enable you easily manage and update content on the website without coding skills.

Easy Navigation

Whether on mobile or desktops, our website designs are known for their super easy and friendly navigation, enabling first-time visitors quickly and intuitively locate information on the website.

Web Consultancy Services

Not all client's web projects become a web development brief. Our web consultancy services provide structures that help you navigate and simplify the seemingly complex nature of eBusiness, while increasing your odds of succeeding online.

01. Company Cloud/Web Readiness Assessment

This is a diagnostic assessment performed on your company to determine the firm's readiness to fully or partially migrate from a brick-and-mortar organisation to an online company. Our report will show how current practices, culture, processes, operations and corporate governance will affect such migrations and how they must be aligned and reorganised for compliance.

02. eBusiness Strategy Development

An eBusiness strategy is essentially a roadmap for your online business with short, medium and long term plans for the business to succeed on the web. It involves implementation of recommendations from the readiness assessment, goal setting, aligning web workflow & content management with offline workflows and content managers, end-to-end design/redesign of your internal processes, value chains, customer touchpoints and e-channels & marketing.

03. Web/eBusiness Project Management

With our wealth of experience working with developers, we can help you manage web and application development projects between your company and developers. Our role will be to mediate and:

  • Provide clear interpretation and communication of contracts between your company and developers, ensuring the company's interests are upheld at all times.
  • Ensure developers maintain the highest ethical standards while developing solutions for the company, that will not result in compromising the company's security profile, exposing the company to data leaks or sabotage its operations.
  • Ensure the your company retains full access and ownership of all web assets during and after the development project must have been completed.
  • Ensure developers follow best practice guidelines in developing stable, cross-platform, secure, functional and easy-to-use applications.
  • Monitor and report project progress.
  • Manage and facilitate complete handover of the finished web project and ensure it meets your company's requirements as agreed betweem the company and developer.

04. Cloud Migration Services

Following a successful Cloud Readiness Assessment, our cloud migration services aims at providing technical support to plan, cost and migrate your business operations to a appropriate cloud platform. Our expertise is in the administration of the following cloud services: Google for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.

05. Online Competitor Analysis

Our online competitor analysis shows who is contending or dominating your market space on the Internet. It considers local and global players in similar markets. Insights from our online competitor assessment can help direct or redirect marketing efforts, reveal opportunities or modify strategies. It could ultimately protect you from making costly mistakes as you design your online marketing strategies.
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eCommerce Website Development

Our eCommerce website development solution is a turnkey solution that enables the sales of goods and services on your website. Our e-commerce websites are secure, intuitive and easy to use for both website visitors and back-end content administrators. 

It features a simple to use interface for managing inventory. Easily and quickly add/update/discontinue products/services. Generate sales reports and manage your entire online shop without the burdens of knowing how to write code. 

Shoppers are also treated to an easy to use interface that works across all device types. They interact with intuitive visual navigation tools with which they can find, select, check-out and pay for what they desire.

Secure Websites

Our eCommerce websites are safe and secure. Customer payment card details are not stored.


Supports electronic payments in local and foreign currencies.


Guests can signup as members to enjoy various benefits: discounts & customer loyalty programs

Fast Checkouts

Optional quick checkout for non-returning guests. No need to signup as a member.

Cross-sell Products

Increase product sales opportunity by displaying products that go together.

Up-sell Products

Make specific products more visible and create opportunities to sell more of the same item.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a cocktail of organic techniques, cofigurations and practices that can improve your chances of not just being found on search engines, but also ensuring that your web pages are displayed in top search results.

The purpose of SEO is to increase the visibility of great, relevant and important content to searchers, and point them in the right direction for various kinds of content. Our SEO objective for your ogranisation is to increase your content’s popularity through search engines and increase your website’s content page ranking so they are included in search engine’s top results.

You can rely on our experience and expertise to ensure your website gains strong visibility on Google search as we have done for some businesses in the past. Our approach is as follows:

Website Structure Assessment

Keyword Analysis & Planning

Website Content Assessment

SEO Competitor Assessment

Content Development for SEO

Training Content Administrators

Web Security Services

Our website security services aim at providing security intervensions for businesses that lack the technical capabilities to protect, secure, and ensure business continuity for their web assets. They include:

01. Website Vulnerability Assessment

A security test performed on your website to expose vulnerabilities, which will be followed by a detailed report on what can be done to plug these vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

02. Website Firewalling

A Website Application Firewall (WAF) deployed to mitigate attacks from hackers and malicious visitors on your website.

03. Data Backup & Restore

We take regular backups of your website data and restore them in the event of data compromise or loss.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our business intelligence services are aimed at interpreting and setting key performance metrics for your online web assets. Among other things, we help you understand how well your website is performing against set goals, using analytical tools to track and monitor how visitors interact with various parts of your website, how they respond to online campaigns, what pages on your website are ignored or less seen by visitors.

In summary, our business intelligence service provides business-health diagnostics with recommendations on how to improve web content/web pages that are performing below par.

Social Media Management

Our team of social media experts can handle your social media engagement to ensure your business/brand has the most profitable and engaging online social media experience. Our approach is to first develop a clear social media strategy that cuts across relevant social media platforms, create & publish engaging content and grow a healthy follower base on various platforms. We will also enage followers on your behalf and escalate inquiries as required.

We will run and manage your social media campaigns and ensure your brand/business gets the best possible exposure among relevant demographics.

Technical Support

As far as technical support goes, we are able to help you manage and administer the mundane but necessary backend engine room of your web presence. These activities may include but not limited to the following:
  • Domain registration and hosting assistance 
  • Email setup
  • Web host migration services
  • DNS reconfiguration

Free Journals

One of our major goals at eBusiness Professionals is to help individuals and businesses understand the right application of technology for various scenarios. To this end, we will be creating free eBusiness Journals targeted at the non-tech inclined. Our articles are written in plain English, void of code so they can be of benefit to you.

It will feature articles that will help you improve your web presence and get the most from your website. Amongst other things, it will also touch on the use of technology in business, entertainment, education, lifestyle and information technology security issues.
We are essentially an eBusiness firm offering technology solutions to businesses. Helping you succeed online is what we do best.
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